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[Grand Plastic Surgery] This year, be confident in your bikinis for a change! Grand's triple impact liposuction will help you achieve the body you always dreamed of.

[Grand Plastic Surgery] Everything you have to know before breast augmentation. If this contents does not answer all your questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

[Grand Plastic Surgery] Bring out the best of yourself with Grand's customized rhinoplasty with skilled specialist surgeon

[Grand Plastic Surgery] Freshen up your skin for upcoming summer with Grand’s 2019 summer promotion! Time to show off that glowing skin.

[Grand Plastic Surgery] Facial contouring is a surgery that requires piled up know how , experience and skills. Grand will bring the maximum results in the most natural looking way.

[Grand Plastic Surgery] If you are concerned about the hollow and aged face fat grafting can be a great solution to change it to a healthy looking youthful face.