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[Grand Plastic Surgery] Grand's Triple impact liposuction

Triple impact liposuction offers outstanding and long-lasting results using 3 different types of equipment, Power-assisted, Water jet, and Acculift. This technique removes unwanted fat and brings desired body contour with minimal recovery time and discomfort.

Power-assisted liposuction
Power-assisted liposuction is performed using a special cannula that vibrates rapidly to break up the fat cells. This vibration helps loosen the fat cells so it can be easily removed and allows the surgeon to target a specific area without damaging surrounding tissues. More than 30 percent of the fat can be removed compared to traditional liposuction, while recovery time is significantly reduced.

Water jet liposuction
Water jet liposuction uses a slightly pressurized stream of saline to dislodge and remove the fat cells without destroying them. This procedure detaches fat cells from their surrounding tissues limiting the possible tissue damage of muscles, nerves, blood vessels.


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