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[Grand Plastic Surgery] Asymmetrical face can be corrected with Grand's two jaw surgery.

[Grand Plastic Surgery]Grand's fat grafting increases the persistence rate of fat by using 'Lipokit' system so 40-60% of fat survives for 4-6 years!

[Grand Plastic Surgery] Grand Medical group promises to bring high satisfaction for all the customers who desire beauty:)

[Grand Plastic Surgery] Look how charming she looks after getting rhinoplasty at Grand. Grand considers the harmony of the overall face maximizing the balance between facial features:)

[Grand Plastic Surgery] Especially revision surgery has to be done by professionals who has skills and experience. Look how natural and beautiful results after the revision rhinoplasty and removing the implant from the chin:)

[Grand Plastic Surgery] YG entertainment character Krunk visits Grand Plastic Surgery to get consultation and quotation for his surgery!!

[Grand Plastic Surgery] Enhance the masculine and handsome look with Grand’s male Rhinoplasty.

[Grand Plastic Surgery]Get the confidence to show your beautiful and attractive forehead by experiencing Grand's hair transplantation!

[Grand Plastic Surgery] Tired looking puffy eye bags and dark circles can be solved by Grand's lower eyelid fat repositioning :)

[Grand Plastic Surgery] This amazing before and after photo shows what Grand’s anti-aging surgery is:)

[Grand Plastic Surgery] If you are considering to have facial contouring make sure to have it done by surgeons with skills and experience in bone surgeries. We are confident to deliver the best results for you:)

[Grand Plastic Surgery]Achieve defined feminine look by getting fat graft and rhinoplasty:)

[Grand Plastic Surgery] Grand is here for you to complete the appearance you wish and you can be much more beautiful than anyone else. :)

[Grand Plastic Surgery] Get a flat toned stomach with Grand Plastic Surgery!!

[Grand Plastic Surgery] More feminine and more lovely with Grand's face contour and eye surgery:)

[Grand Plastic Surgery] If you are with Grand, your appearance can be so much improved even with minor surgeries such as eyes, nose and fat grafting

[Grand Plastic Surgery]Being an attractive woman is not difficult if you are with Grand!!

[Grand Plastic Surgery] How much weight am I going to lose after liposuction?

[Grand Plastic Surgery] Looking more fresh and rejuvenated after the Lipokit fat graft:)

[Grand Plastic Surgery] Ladies it's never too late! Turn back the time with Grand Plastic Surgery:)

[Grand Plastic Surgery] Complete your beauty with facial contouring♥