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[Grand Plastic Surgery] Amazing make over with Mint lift and Double eyelid surgery!

  This stunning make over was done with Grand's thread lifting and incisional double eyelid surgery. Thread lifting one of the most simple way to lift up the sagging skin and prevent further sagging!  Using Mint threads, which are self-dissolving PDO threads that has spikes around it, skin tissue is fixed and lifted and the results last for around 1-2 years. It is a less invasive procedure that is done through a small hole hidden in the hair line and you hardly need any recovery time! In order to find out more about it, contact us for an online consultation! For free online consultation ☑️Tel: (+82) 70-7119-1580 ☑️Mobile: (+82) 10-9132-6546 (Whatsapp, Line, Kakaotalk, Viber, iMessage) ☑️Email: ☑️Facebook: Grand Plastic Surgery, Korea ☑️Webstie: ☑️Pinterest : ☑️Tumblr: ☑️Instagram: grandps_eng ☑️Blogger: #grandplasticsurgery #gra

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