[Grand Plastic Surgery] The amazing transformation after Grand's Double Eyelid Surgery!


Big round eyes can give you a softer, and more feminine look.

If double eyelid surgery is not enough, epi-canthoplasty can be done together for lengthening the eyes or pulling down the slanted eyes!

Double eyelid surgery can be done to achieve bigger eyes.

It can be done through either incision method or semi incision method.

The semi incision method can be done for those who have thin skin and no sagging on eyelid and incision method is for those with thicker skin, puffiness and sagginess on their eyes.

Both can be done under sedative anesthesia.

Additional procedures such as ptosis correction, epi canthoplasty or blepharoplasty can be added to the surgery plan depending on your current condition.

Upper blepharoplasty is an anti aging procedure that can be done for upper eyelid. Incision is made across the natural double eyelid crease and excess skin and tissue is removed in order to tighten and achieve more fresh looking eyes.

Please note that additional procedures such as epi-canthoplasty, ptosis correction or other procedures may be added to the surgery plan.

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