Grand Plastic Surgery: the 4th Korean Medical Tourism Forum

Grand Plastic Surgery: 
the 4th Korean Medical Tourism Forum

Grand Plastic Surgery was invited as guest speaker to attend the 4th Korean
 Medical Tourism Forum

Grand Plastic Surgery addressed the National Memorial Hall on the occasion of ‘The 4th Korean Medical Tourism Forum’ on September 5th, 2012.

Ryu Sang-Wook, the CEO of Grand Plastic Surgery, gave a speech on cases of medical tourism at the National Memorial Hall for the event of the 4th Korean Medical Tourism Forum.

This forum was hosted in a purpose of development in medical tourism as well as its vitalization due to the recognition of Korea’s medical tourism as a high value-added business and the rise of its importance.

On the day of forum, Ryu Sang-Wook, the CEO of Grand Plastic Surgery, delivered the speech titled ‘LEADING THE FUTURE.’ He analyzed the market of medical tourism through the cases of leading Asian countries in medical tourism such as Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, etc. as well as analyzed and compared the current status of Korea’s medical tourism to that of the mentioned countries. Thus, direction of development in Korea’s medical tourism was discussed with audience during his speech.  

In addition, by proposing the strategy and direction in medical tourism of Grand Plastic Surgery as Korea’s leading industry of plastic surgery hospital which has a prospect of becoming the hub of Asia’s plastic surgery, his speech generated high attention and interest to everyone who works in related field.

Grand Plastic Surgery will continue to work and invest in researching and developing new surgical techniques as well as medical service. We will do our best in order to become recognized as a global plastic surgery brand.

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