Grand's Suprangular Surgery

Existing square jaw reduction surgery is performed by incision inside the mouth to grind the bone for correction of development jaw bone under genera anesthesia.

Grand's Suprangular excises bone in a curve shape to each individual's bone shape.

There will be almost no scarring after the surgery and it's very simple procedure compared to the surgery which the incision is made inside the mouth.

Because the pain is minimized for Suprangular surgery, you can have the surgery on Friday and go back to work next Monday.

The result is most effective when the jaw bone is angulated or when only the jaw bone is developed from the side view.

The incision line will be hidden behind ears, so scar is not visible from the outside and recovery period is fast.

Step 1. 1-2 cm incision behind ears will be made, after the design of operating surgeon.

Step 2. Angulated square jaw bone will be excised along with each individual's bone shape.

Step 3. Completion of slim V-line.

There will be 1-2 cm incision made behind the ear and the surgery will take 30 minutes. Recovery time depends on each individual, but most likely it takes 1-2 days with minor swelling.

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