Winter Skin Care Tips from Grand Dermatology Center

It is a cold winter in the northern hemisphere which means the season of winter sport such as skiing or snowboarding. It is just as important to take care of your skin in the cold and harsh winter season as in the summer. Exposure to strong UV rays and cold wind may cause freckles, dry skin and other various skin troubles. So what are some of the skin care tips for the cold winter of Korea?

First must-have item to bring to ski resort is sun-screen. The 80~90% of direct sunlight that shine onto the snow reflect back onto the skin. This is about 4 times more than that of summer UV rays and may cause skin darkening, pigmentation and freckles.

Therefore, 30 minutes before the outdoor activity, it is recommended to apply skin screen, of SPF 30+ and PA++ or more. Also, it is better to apply generous amount of sunscreen bigger than the size of quarter coin. Also, reapplying the sunscreen every 2 ~ 3 hours is better for the skin.
Secondly, moisturizing is just as important as sun-care. Cold wind of the winter makes our skin drier than ever before. This takes away the moisture from the skin and leads to dry skin and loss of elasticity and may form fine wrinkles. Therefore, applying moisturizing diligently is important. Mixing moisturizing cream with 2 ~ 3 drops of facial oil can create lasting moisturizing effect.

Grand Dermatology Center’s Dr. Jeeyoung Lee said, “Once the skin is damaged, it takes very long time and effort to recover the skin. Therefore, when it comes to skin care, pre-care and preventative care is very important even more than post-care.”

“However, if your skin is quite dry and if there is already on-set of skin pigmentation, it is necessary to talk to professional dermatologist for quick and effective skin care.”Furthermore, Dr. Lee noted, “For skin pigmentation and freckles, laser toning or IPL is commonly used. Laser toning destroys melanin pigment deep inside the skin and stimulates fibropblast which help produce collagen. It is an effective treatment method which brings peeling, toning and lifting effect simultaneously. IPL emits various light rays to treatment various skin problem such as freckles, blemishe and pores.

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