Grand Plastic Surgery

Grand Plastic Surgery is Korea's No.1 Plastic Surgery Center and aiming to become a world's leading plastic surgery center which is visited by numerous celebrities from Asia.

Grand has 4 centers such as Main Surgery Center, Facial Contouring Center, Body Line Center and Dermatology Center. It is the only hospital where it has 4 centers in South Korea.

Grand ensures to provide customized and qualified medical service to its patients and 30 medical specialists such as plastic surgeons, dentists, anesthesiologists, dermatologists and physicians collaborate together to enhance patient's safety and customer satisfaction.

Grand can perform any type of plastic surgery such as eye, nose, facial contouring, body shaping and anti-aging surgeries.

Grand has a special patient safety system which is controlled by 4 anesthesiologists, Uninterruptible Power Supply, High-tech Monitoring System, Air Shower System and Sevoflurane Anesthesia.

Grand provides customized post-surgery treatment for its patients such as high frequency, ultrasonic, O2, Vitamin, Moisturizing, Infrared-rays, Massages, etc depending on a type of surgery.

Grand has been featured in media such as NHK, ELLE, Vogue and other media sources.

Grand Plastic Surgery has been considered as No.1 plastic surgery center in Asia and now aiming to be a global beauty leader!


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