Grand Plastic Surgery: Grand's new medical coordinator for foreign patients: Brownyn

Grand's new medical coordinator for foreign patients:
Brownyn from the tv show 
'Global talk show with Beauties'

A broadcaster Brownyn who has become famous from KB2 2TV's tv show 'Global talk show with beauties' is now a part of Grand's family as a medical coordinator for foreign patients. The number of foreign patients who are visiting Korea for medical tourism has been on the rise in recent years.Not only do we have patients from China or Japan but patients who originate from more than 20 countries all over Asia, Europe, North America, Russia, Africa, etc are coming to visit Grand Plastic Surgery. Thus, in order to offer a satisfying, differentiated medical service to foreign patients as well as to guarantee a smooth process of communication from consultation through operation to post-op care, Brownyn who is fluent in both English and Korean would help foreign patients. 

In order to be recognized as a global plastic surgery brand, Grand Plastic Surgery would make a persistent effort with its advanced medical technology , systematic medical system, and the best customer service. 

Come to Grand Plastic Surgery, the BEST plastic surgery clinic in Korea!

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