Grand Plastic Surgery: Two-Jaw surgery

Grand Plastic Surgery: Two-Jaw surgery

Do you want a small, three-dimensional, and baby-faced faature?
 It's possible with two-jaw surgery,
It's the surgery that actress Shin-Yee had at Grand Plastic Surgery.

Shin-Yee said, "I used to be only able to play comical characters due to unsophisticated look.
However, I definitely look more feminine and sophisticated now.
Now I can play the roles in romantic movies."


- 3D EXAM system is used to diagnose each patient's condition so that the different surgical method can be applied on individual cases.
-Our residing facial contouring specialists and oral surgeons work together in consideration of both functional and aesthetic parts of the surgery so that two-jaw surgery and other facial contouring surgeries can be done at the same time. 
-There is no need for blood transfusion since the experienced surgeons with great surcial techiniques perform the surgery.
- A safe, comfortable surgery is guaranteed with 3 residing anesthesiologists.
-A safe operation system that is equivalent to the ones at university hospitals is equipped.
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the BEST plastic surgery clinic in Korea

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