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Natural Adhesion & Prestige Rhinoplasty

Take a look at the case of Korean actress Cha Ji-Yeon who feels so much more confident after the surgery at Grand Plastic Surgery.
She had a Natural Adhesion double eyelid surgery with Prestige Rhinoplasty

Natural Adhesion double eyelid surgery

It was first introduced by Grand Plastic Surgery and has been widely used at other clinics nowadays. 

Most patients have inborn double eyelids. Thus, Natural Adhesion method shapes new double eyelids along the original double eyelids instead of forcefully fixing the eyelids with threads, and this would make the double eyelids look as natural as possible.

Prestige Rhinoplasty

It is a surgical method for people who need a dramatic change in their nose. 
The traditional nasal tip surgery using the ear cartilage has a limit of adjusting the height and the length of nose.
When using the cartilage, the force that's supposed to support the nasal tip is not strong enough, so the height of nose can be lowered as time goes by. On the contrary , Grand's prestige nose plastic surgery can avoid these problems by using the nasal septum, costal cartilage, etc.

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