Grand Plastic Surgery: Have you heard of EZ-Lift?

    No incision! No scar! Fast Recovery!

New facelift technique that has recently become popular all over Europe and North America.

Anti-aging treatment bacame really popular thesedays. 
Grand Plastic Surgery introduces minimum incision face lift called EZ-lift which leaves almost no scars plus short recovery period!

Why EZ-lift?

1. Long-lasting surgical effect
2. No incision & Fast Recovery
3. Swelling or discomfort almost none exist
4. Collagen is produced


Surgical procedures and compositions of EZ-lift

 The threads are made up of Polypropylen Monofilament and they are much bumpier than the ones that's been used. They are also more elastic and durable.


The threads are fixed behind the temples and deep temporal fascia.
Then the threads are pulled with certain force depending on how loose the skin is.

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