Mi-Yeon's real story on Two-Jaw Surgery

What is Jawbone surgery?

It's the jawbone correction surgery to straighten them through the incision of upper and lower jawbone, when the position and function of the jaw is not normal, including the lantern jaw, protruding mouth, facial asymmetry,  etc.

Jaw bone Surgery at Grand's Facial Contouring Center is performed by collaborative diagnosis & surgery (Plastic surgery + orthodontic surgery)


I was depressed... Not that I was feeling depressed but my face looked depressed. 
I wasn't mad at all, but after being asked if I was mad, 
that's when I really started to get mad. 

I thought it's probably my facial structure that made me look mad. 
It had always been my complex and I always wanted to have a surgery. 
But I was told to wait until I'm fully grown so that the growth of bones stop as well.
After a long, long wait, I could finally get it done. I was so excited!! 
Of course I felt a little bit nervous and scared, but was more excited and happy.

One month seemed like forever...the pain when the blood tube was removed, the pain of not being able to eat properly, the pain to sleep in sitting position, and so many more. 
Now comes to think about it, it doesn't seem like a month ago but rather a long time ago.
But watching myself and seeing the progress everyday was so exciting! 
Going for a follow-up every time was exciting as well
since I was able to do more and more things after seeing my doctor for checkup. 
I especially can't forget the moment when he said I could finally have a regular meal 
and sleep lying down.
Now I'm thinking about changing my hairstyle since the swallowing is almost gone.
Short haircuts? Bangs?
Now that I'm confident in my look from the side, 
I want to challenge myself to do something that I couldn't have done before the surgery.

My face looks more natural and my teeth are more properly aligned.
It's not so easy to have braces on, but I'm expecting the result 
since my lips will recede a bit more once the braces are removed.

I just love looking at myself in the mirror now :)


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