Grand Plastic Surgery: Featured in July issue of Bazzar, Chinese edition

Grand Plastic Surgery is featured in July issue 
of Bazaar, Chinese Edition!

World famous fashion magazine Bazaar featured 
"Aesthetic and Korea's plastic surgery" in its July issue of Chinese edition. 
Due to 'Korean wave', medical tourism to Korea has been on the rise among Asian countries as well as Asians in North America. 

Therefore, Bazaar covered a story about the trend in Korea's plastic surgery and the most popular plastic surgery techniques by visiting the most acknowledged surgeons in Seoul's 'plastic surgery hub' where there are more than 200 plastic surgery clinics are concentrated. 

CEO of Grand Plastic Surgery, Ryu Sang-Wook, and our representative doctors Seo Il-Bum, Lim Young-Min, and Lee Se-Hwan are featured in this story.

Regarding the trend in Korea's plastic surgery, Bazaar quoted Dr. Seo, 
"Lately, 'baby face' has been a new trend in Korea, thus, everyone wants to look younger than they actually are. In order to meet the condition of baby face,  a good symmetry of round forehead, protruding front cheek bones, and narrow jawline of v-line is important. 
The ideal ratio of upper, mid, and lower face should be 1:1:0.8 in order to be a 'baby face.' 

In addition, Dr. Seo explained the details about surgical techniques for 'V-line Angular Jaw Reduction' and '3D Malar Rotation.'

He said, "The attention toward medical tourism among foreigners has been on the rise these days, and not only the patients from China or Southeast Asia, but a number of patients from North America and Russia are on the rise as well.
Offering foreign patients a differentiated, highly satisfying medical service leads to the trust in Korean medical technology, and this will make sure to raise Korea's competitiveness in plastic surgery in world market." 

Grand Plastic Surgery- the BEST plastic surgery clinic in Korea

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