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*Grand's special breast augmentation "TEAR DROP BREAST AUGMENTATION"

GRAND uses a cohesive gel breast implant for the breast augmentation. There are two types of cohesive gel which are smooth and textured type. Both has almost same surgical results in terms of shape and feeling. The main difference is textured type has a lower chance of getting capsular contracture (breasts getting hard in the future). Therefore, we recommend patients to use a textured type these days. 

*Grand's special breast augmentation "DUAL PLANE BREAST AUGMENTATION"

One special thing about Grand's breast augmentation is that the surgery is performed with "Dual Plane" method.

Dual plane method is performed by placing the upper part of the implant under the pectoral muscles and place the lower part under the mammary gland. In this way, the breast feed is still possible and the breast can look very natural like a tear drop shape. This method is to avoid to make breasts look very surgically obvious like a very round breast. Also, the breast implant will move freely as body moves so it will look very natural and the feeling of the breast is very soft. Only experienced surgeons can perform this surgery. This is the latest breast augmentation technique.

For the breast augmentation 2 weeks in Korea is enough to get post-surgery treatments such as wound dressing, stitch removal and high radio frequency anti-swelling treatments. Our surgery price includes the post-surgery treatments. The implants won't explode in a plane. Please don't worry. The implant will only break if there is more than 700 KG pressure directly on the implant. 

There are three types of incision methods.

1. Transaxillary (Armpit) incision


1. no visible scar on breasts and the scar along the armpit crease is not very visible. 
2. Breast feed is possible


1. However, we don't recommend this procedure to patients who live in a tropical country where they wear sleeveless tops often because the armpit crease may be shown.
2. The recovery period is longer than periareola. Especially for foreign patients who do not have enough time to rest in Korea, this incision method is not recommended because they have to fly back while carrying heavy luggage. Because the incision is along the armpit, you may have difficulty to carry heavy things

2. Periareola


1. Almost no visible scar. 
2. Recommendable for patients who need faster recovery time and live in a tropical country.
3. Breast feed is possible but mammary glad must not be damaged during the incision.


1. Dullness of nipple sensory may occur but at a very low possibility. For the first few months, the nipples may feel dull but the sensory will come back as time goes by.

3. Inframammary

Pros: Suitable for a large implant

Cons: The incision may leave a scar and this is not recommended to Asian patients because they have a higher tendency to get pigmentation on the scar.  

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