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Liposuction in Korea

Grand's special liposuction procedure "TRIPLE IMPACT LIPOSUCTION"

Our special liposuction method called “Triple Impact” will be performed for your case. We use three different liposuction machines to perform one liposuction surgery. 

The first machine is called “Water Jet Liposuction”. The second one is called “Power Liposuction”. The last one is “Laser Liposuction”. 

The Water Jet Liposuction is effective to extract fat cells without damaging nerves and leaves less scar and bruises. 

The Power Liposuction is effective to extract fat cells which are very small or thick. 

The Laser Liposuction is effective to extract fat cells which are very close to the skin. Therefore, skin will still stay tighten and flat with no bumps.

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  1. Patients should be told not to expect to lose any dramatic amount of weight loss with Liposuction cost . Weight lost is equal only to the amount of fat removed, about 3–5 kg.

  2. Hi I am expecting my Revision Rhinoplasty and Lip Lift on the 3rd of next month. I've broke my nose when I was a little and after that my nose isn't straightrhinoplasty in korea


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