Grand Plastic Surgery: 2012 Medical Korean Wave

2012 Medical Korean Wave - Healthy Life Designs - opens the exhibition at Kintex from 2012 of October 18 to 20. Grand Plastic Surgery has participated in the exhibition to have a meeting.

Grand Plastic Surgery holds the business meeting with various agencies and buyers from many different countries such as Russia, Mongol, China and USA. Our clinic has introduced about the plastic surgery and its procedure performance hold in Korea.

Also, our consultants provide a face to face consultation for visitor and virtual image of after surgery. The visitors give highly interested on the transformation of virtual image. The foreign patient coordinators and interpreter from Grand Plastic Surgery reside to give better and best services for foreign patients.  

Grand Plastic Surgery will keep try to find a direction through participating in a conference of medical tourism and contribute to growth of tourist industry.    

Come and experience Grand Plastic Surgery -
the BEST plastic surgery clinic in Korea

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