Grand Plastic Surgery: Dae Jeon Medical Tourism

Grand Plastic Surgery has participated in the International Conference presented by Daejeon Medical Tourism at Daejeon Convention Center from 2012 of October 24 to 26.

Daejeon Metropolitan City hosts International Conference 2012 and Daejeon International Marketing Enterprise conducts the event for a future development of tourist industry as well as medical tourism. Daejeon tries to work on the invigoration of the economy by expanding a medical tourism in Daejeon.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Ryu Sang Wook from Grand Plastic Surgery made the speech; "Leading the future" He presents the studies of market analysis for medical tourism in a future. Also, he speaks about the business plan of Grand Plastic Surgery . The many of national and international representatives show a lot of interest about the medical tourism.

Over 300 participants from more than 10 countries of the medical organization, travel agency, public relations and public organization have participated in this conference to vitalize an exchange of global healthcare market.


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