Grand Plastic Surgery: Non-Incision Calf Reduction

Calves don't have a lot of fat tissue and the skin is thin, so the whole look of your calves heavily depends on your calf muscle. Due to this nature, the first thing that changes the look of your calves is the type of muscular contraction. The look of your calf muscle is important but maintaining the muscle that's needed in order to walk is crucial, so it must be operated on safely and effectively.

Surgical Procedure

After making a very tiny incision at the back of your knees, we locate the nerves that control gastrocnemius with tiny electric needles. The volume of gastrocnemius is reduced by selectively blocking those nerves to make sleek looking calves with a reduced diameter.

After Procedure

You will able to walk although the calves will be swallowing in few days. There will not any scarring after the surgery on the calves because of incision is not be made. However, you must avoid drinking and smoking in few weeks after the surgery to get perfect results.


  • No damage to the muscle since only the nerves that are associated with gastrocnemius becomes blocked.
  • No interruption in daily activities
  • The nerves are effectively blocked within 40 minutes of the procedure.
  • The possibility of recurrence is very low.
  • It is effective on both the inner and outer parts of your calves since the procedure is done on both sides of the gastrocnemius

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