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A square jaw is caused by lateral protruding and can create a strong and masculine appearance. Many women are interested in having a small, oval face, which is possible with Grand's Square Jaw Reduction surgery. Grand Plastic Surgery had been performing this square jaw surgery for patients who have a strong square jaw. This method is the only one our experienced surgeons perform to transform a strong jaw into a small, narrow one.

Grand Plastic Surgery performs the several surgical and non-surgical methods to improve square jaw depends on the innate or acquired cause of square jaw. There are square jaw Botox treatment, high frequency square jaw treatment, V-line square jaw surgery and nape side line square jaw surgery.     

The square jaw Botox treatment is operated with the chemicals called, Botulinum toxin and it injects to a jaw muscle. This treatment makes a slim shape of jaw by relaxation on a muscle of mastication. The Botox is less expensive compared to physical surgery but the treatment lasts about 6 months.   

Grand's Approach

  1. The square jaw reduction surgery is an 'image surgery' which enhances one's facial contour.
  2. The procedure will be planned out to achieve overall facial contour and visual effects of the patient's nose and lips. 
  3. Surgical photos and X-ray scanning will be completed to assist in the planning process.
  4. Patients will be provided with an accurate picture of the final result.

Surgical Procedure

  1. A 4 cm incision is made in the mucous membrane inside the mouth.
  2. Some of the masseter muscle is cut and exposed through this incision.
  3. The exposed jaw is removed according to patient's plan. The square jaw is severe, a complex-fracture is performed as well.
  4. The incision is sutured.

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  1. Hi, Thanks for the very informative post about plastic surgery. I saw the picture and that's really great even best result I have found on your blog.

  2. hi thanks for the info .. it will be very helpful to me .. i have a square jaw also . i want to go on surgery too to reduced my jaw


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