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Breast reconstruction is the surgical procedure to reshape the contour of breast. This procedure is for who has done a mastectomy or lumpectomy which removed entire breast or margin of surrounding tissue. A patient able to have a breast reconstruction as long as chemotherapy has done for breast cancer. 

Breast reconstruction can help breast cancer survivors regain their identity and confidence. There are two options for breast reconstruction: Flap Reconstruction which uses tissue from other parts of the patient’s body, such as the back, buttocks, thigh or abdomen, and Tissue Expander, which uses breast implants. The latter is more widely used due to the development of breast implants.
Flap Reconstruction
Flap Reconstruction has the advantage of removing excess fat on other parts of the body which are then used for breast reconstruction. It also shapes breasts naturally and is most preferred by patients who have larger excisions on their chest. However, this procedure has a longer recovery period and leaves scarring while harvesting tissues from the body.
In addition, it is difficult for patients to straighten their back for approximately a month after surgery if their abdomen tissues were harvested.

Tissue Expander through Implantation 
This procedure is preferred by working patients because the recovery period is only 3 days and there is virtually no scarring.
The disadvantage of this procedure is that the operation is performed twice; the first one inserts the tissue expander tool and the second one inserts the implants. In addition, the upper portion of the breasts may not appear natural; however, a tear drop shape breast implant can be used to correct this issue.

Breast Reconstruction Post Surgery - Nipple Reconstruction
The nipple and areola can be reconstructed 6 months after surgery.
The tissues can be harvested from the labia for the nipple, and tattooing can be used to construct the areola.

When should I do it?

Surgery is ideal when there is a low risk of recurrence of breast cancer, which usually means at least 6 months without inflammation or cancer. For patients who are undergoing treatment for radiotherapy, reconstruction cannot be performed until the treatment is completely finished and the patients are fully recovered. The reconstruction can be performed at the same time as the breast cancer operation.

Advantages of Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction does not disturb breast cancer scanning or examination.
  1. Accurate and detailed examinations prior to surgery
  2. Anesthesia and surgery are safely performed by professional anesthesiologists and breast specialists. 
  3. Patients can regain their identity by getting their original chest back

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