Grand Plastic Surgery: Dermal Fillers For Anti-Aging Treatment

Dermal Fillers treatment could give you naturally younger look

Dermal Fillers are the most used treatment to soften and correct lines, wrinkles and saggy skin. Also, this treatment could use for enhancement of nose, lips, cheeks and facial contouring. The hyaluronic acid is generally used for dermal fillers treatment in the world now. Dermal Fillers treatment is unnecessary to have an allergy test and there is no disruptive for ordinary life after treatment. Grand Plastic Surgery and Dermatology uses RADIEESE product which approve by US FDA.

Dermal Fillers treatment is efficacious to scar removal, wrinkles and facial contouring

Scar removal:

Dermal Fillers treatment for scar removal is used for acne and chickenpox scars. The procedure of this type of treatment is to cut a fiber exeresis of derma skin and then a filler injection is given.


Dermal Fillers treatment for wrinkles are used forehead wrinkles, ophryon wrinkles and nasolabial line (smile line).

Facial contouring:

A typical facial contouring treatment in Korea, is a sharpen nose. A natural looks of nose shape may stand out eyes. The characteristics of facial contouring fillers treatment are look natural, short period of treatment time and restoration, identify shape of nose before   rhinoplasty and detailed finish after rhinoplasty.

The post-treatment precaution:

  • avoid to apply a strength on the place that fillers are injected during skin tissue completely position
  • avoid to expose by strong heat or cold atmosphere such as tanning until hyperemia and puffiness disappear 
  • possible to have hyperemia and bruise if taking aspirin or any similar medicine

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